Safe Use of Personal Fall Protective Equipment

This workshop covers the training required by Regulation 851 addressing the selection and use of harnesses and lanyards when workers are exposed to a fall from heights.

The workshop covers the use of equipment used in elevated work conditions such as those experienced by Order Picker, Manlift and Scissor Lift operators. Hands-on practical instruction is provided. Manuals are provided and certificates of training issued to each participant.

Training Centre courses.  The workshop takes approximately 2 hours and the cost is $50.00 plus HST per participant.

"On-site" workshops are available accomodating up to 20 partcipants at cost of $250.00 plus HST per workshop plus $5.00 per participant manual (Plus HST).

Working at Heights

The Working at Heights training requirement was introduced in April 2015 and the Chief Prevention Officer issued standards for training programs and training providers.

The requirement requires “workers on construction projects who use any of the following methods of fall protection: travel restraint systems, fall restricting systems, fall arrest systems, safety nets and work belts or safety belts” to successfully complete a 6 1/2 hour (1 day) workshop addressing the causes, effects and controls of hazards on construction projects.  When certified, workers are required to attend a 1/2 day refresher training every three years.

COST and Status:

Public workshops at our Training Centre:
Approved by Chief Prevention Officer - $150.00 per participant (plus HST)

Refresher Training: Approved by Chief Prevention Officer - $100.00 per participant (plus HST)

We also offer “on site” training at the customer’s facility where numbers allow.  Please contact our office.

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